Postgraduate Student Scholarships

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The Journalism Education and Research Association of Australia is offering a scholarship to cover the costs for a postgraduate student at an Australian educational institution to attend the 2016 JERAA Conference in Auckland, NZ.

Winner 2016: Nicole Gooch, Monash University


Paper title: Environmental risks and the media - a case study of two mining disasters: Brazil’s Samarco and New Caledonia’s Goro.

Project summary:

This paper examines two examples of environmental disasters and the politics behind the media’s coverage of the risks linked to those mining operations before and after the accidents. It then asks how this coverage influenced public perception of environmental risks, and proposes a new framework for environmental journalism, that, in combination with political ecology, questions power relationships, development theories and the unpredictable nature of so-called ‘accidents’.


2015 Winners

Janet Harkin, Monash University -  Tell me a story: The power of the personal in journalism

Eugenia Lee - Objectivity on the threshold of data journalism and narrative visualisation i

2014 Winners
Ian Watson PhD candiate Griffith University
His conference paper is entittled: From national policy decisions to a few lost lambs: The role of remote Indigenous media in local news production in Australia, Mexico and Canada
Gordon Farrer  PhD candidate at RMIT University


His reserach area is the rise, role and practice of fact checking websites inthe lead up to the 2013 Australian federal election as a rewawakening of a "professional philosophy" of jouranlism.



2013 Winners

Caroline Fisher, PhD Candidate at University of Canberra. She will be presenting a paper entitled: “’Watchdog versus ‘spin-doctor’/’informer’ versus ‘advocate’: the inadequacy of oppositional portrayals of journalists and parliamentary media advisers.” 

Merryn Sherwood, PhD Candidate at La Trobe University. Here paper is entitled: “The Mixed Zone: The role of Australian Sports Communication Practitioners in the Production of Sports News”.