National Teaching citations and awards

JERAA would like to congratulate all those members who have been recognised with an Australian Government award or citation. Citations recognise and reward the diverse contribution that individuals and teams make to the quality of student learning.

Citations are awarded to academic, general and sessional staff, and institutional associates, who have made significant contributions to student learning in a specific area of responsibility over a sustained period of no less than 3 years. Citations provide an opportunity for distinctive institutional missions, values and priorities in learning and teaching to be recognised.

Swinburne University 2017
Assoc Prof Andrew Dodd
Australian Award for Teaching Excellence
Associate Professor Andrew Dodd’s approach to teaching is informed by a requirement for journalism schools to be relevant and useful and to prepare students for a profession undergoing rapid change. Associate Professor Dodd has created mass reporting projects on a local, state and national level in partnership with major media organisations over the last several years. These projects are characterised by extraordinary multiple-university collegiality and are changing how universities work together. Each project brings networks of students and staff together to foster deep learning through the application of the skills and theory that underpins curriculum. They provide authentic learning by connecting students to topical issues and generating real reportage for real audiences.

University of Southern Queensland 2017
Dr Dianne Jones
Citation: For facilitating students’ development as job-ready professionals, with the capabilities to flourish in journalism and media roles and thrive in a competitive industry.

Edith Cowan University 2016
Assoc Prof Trevor Cullen
Australian Award for Teaching Excellence
The Education Minister, Hon. Simon Birmingham, who presented the national award to Prof Cullen in Canberra said: “In receiving this award you have been recognised as being among Australia’s most outstanding university teachers. You have demonstrated excellent leadership in the field of communication and media studies through your commitment to innovation and quality teaching. You can watch his video here.

Bond University 2016
Ms Caroline Graham
Citation: For facilitating inspiring national publishing opportunities for journalism students that place them at the forefront of industry innovations, develop employability skills and engage with industry.

Swinburne University of Technology 2015
Dr Andrew Dodd
Citation: For fostering innovative teaching and learning of journalism through the co-creation of real world digital content in partnership with the news website Crikey

James Cook University 2014
Dr Amy Forbes
Citation: For leadership and excellence in developing and delivering a pioneering WIL-based curriculum in multi-media journalism resulting in highly employable graduates: Wired for Employment

Deakin University 2013
Miss Kristy Hess
Citation: For excellence in advancing news reporting practices among rural and regional journalism students through innovative, research-led curriculum and professional expertise

La Trobe University 2013
Dr Lawrie Zion and Dr Christopher Scanlon
Citation: For the development of an authentic learning environment in the discipline of journalism through the website upstart and its integration into the curriculum

University of Technology, Sydney 2013
Ms Jenna Price
Citation: For a sustained commitment to improving student retention and engagement for journalism students from day one to employment

University of Wollongong 2013
Mr Shawn Burns
Citation: For innovative approaches to curriculum development that model industry best practice in journalism and foster community engagement and understanding

Bond University 2013
Dr Jane Johnston
Citation: For responding to a curriculum need and enhancing learning in public relations education by developing Australian resources and using them to teach theory and practice

University of Wollongong 2008
Professor Stephen Tanner and Dr Marcus O’Donnell
Citation: For the engagement of media professionals and local community in ongoing review, implementation, and refinement of a responsive and creative curriculum for journalism students.

Deakin University 2008
Dr Colleen Murrell
Citation: For fusing creative student learning to industry best practice through the design of authentic and engaging curricula and relevant assessment tasks in journalism.

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