JERAA Research Grant Application Guidelines


To apply for JERAA Research Grant, please submit your application via email to by July 24, 2020. Please put the words “JERAA Research Grant” in the subject line of your email. If you need to confirm whether your membership is active, log into the website or email Janet Fulton: For details on how to join, see

We have provided below a template for the key areas that your application should address. Note the Proposal sub-headings outlined below are guides only – please use your three-page description to outline your project as clearly as possible and to ensure you consider the issues we’ve outlined below.

Personal Details:

Name (Title, Given Name, Family Name)

Position (Your Current Job Title, Name of Your Institution)

Contact Postal Address, Email and Phone

Proposal sub-headings to be addressed:

Project Title

Project Description (100 words) Research Method and Approach

Ethical Clearance (Maximum: One sentence to identify whether you will need ethical clearance for this project. If yes, identify in your Timeline when you will apply for clearance.)


Anticipated Outcomes (Outline what the project will achieve overall, alongside details of specific deliverables, such as publications or other works)

Significance of the Project (For example — Why is this project important? What will be its impact? What gap is it filling, how is it advancing our field?)

Track Record and/or Relevant Professional Skills (Provide evidence of your impact and contribution to the project’s field. This may include an overview of your academic research track record; and/or outline your ability to produce HERDC-eligible creative/professional practice research outputs)

Budget (Up to one page: this may include teaching buyouts, research assistance, equipment, travel, or other research-related expenses. If you will hire a Research Assistant, you should identify the number of hours to be paid, the hourly pay rate, plus the percentage oncosts that your institution requires for their employment. This is usually 18% to 30% on top of the RA’s salary.)

Optional: Other Relevant Details

Support from the Relevant Authorising Officer

Attach a short letter or email from your workplace supervisor indicating s/he is aware of the proposed project, is willing to allow you to conduct the project if you are successful, and agrees that your workload will allow you sufficient time to complete the project by the deadline. The relevant supervisor must have sufficient knowledge of your overall work responsibilities to be able to judge whether you could realistically complete the project by the deadline given your workload requirements, eg Head of School/Portfolio/Division, Unit Director, Executive Dean, etc.


Cut and paste the following declaration to the end of your application, then sign and date it.

I declare that this application for a JERAA Research Grant is entirely my own work. References to other people’s work and ideas have been appropriately attributed. To the best of my knowledge, the information that I have provided is true, correct and accurate.

If I am a successful grant applicant, I will conduct my project in an ethical fashion. If ethical clearance is required, I will obtain Human Research Ethics Committee approval before I recruit any participants for my project.

I plan to complete my project by 30 April 2022 and will provide JERAA with a final report of 500 words about the project’s execution and achievements. I will lodge an interim report on project progress by February 31, 2021. I will also submit my research outcomes to suitable peer- reviewed journals and/or other appropriate publications by the completion date in June 2022.

Add the following sentence if you do not have funding from other sources:

I do not have funding from other sources to undertake the activities that I have described in my grant proposal above.

Add the following sentences if you do have funding from other sources (e.g., if this project forms part of a bigger project, and you have funding for other elements of that project):

I have funding from other sources to undertake activities that are complementary to this project but do not replicate it. In the ‘Purpose’ and ‘Methodology’ sections of my application I have:

  • named those other funding sources,
  • provided details of the funding amounts and what the funds are for, and
  • explained clearly how the different elements of the project will work together.

I will immediately inform the JERAA Vice President Research, Associate Professor Fiona Martin, if there are any changes to circumstances or activities outlined in my proposal.

I understand that all grant applications will be judged independently by a panel comprised of members of the JERAA Executive, and one external assessor. I will respect the panel’s decision as final. I also understand that the JERAA may decline to offer a JERAA Research Grant in any given year.


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