Useful Links for Researchers

There are a range of online resources which may prove useful to Australian journalism educators and researchers.

Some are listed here.

Research and education

The Australian Research Council

Research Professional

Dart Centre Asia Pacific

JoMeC Network Resources

Mindframe National Media Initiative

Poynter Institute

Scholarly journals

The following list is primarily designed to provide some guidance to scholars on strong journals to target for publication (in no particular order):

Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism

Journalism Studies

Journalism Practice

Digital Journalism

International Journal of Communication

Media, Culture & Society

Journalism and Mass Communication Quarterly

Communication Theory

International Journal of Press/Politics

Information, Communication and Society


International Communication Gazette

Media International Australia

Professional and regulatory bodies

Australian Communications and Media Authority

Australian Press Council

Walkley Foundation

Reportage on media issues

ABC TV’s Media Watch

The Australian Newspaper’s Media HomePage

Radio National’s Media Report

Plagiarism checkers


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